March 2016

Part 3, Transition Into Flower, Fan Leafing & Plant Support

When the lighting is reduced to 12 or less from vegetative 18-24 hours, mimicking the short days of the late summer and fall, cannabis plants release hormones that begin the flowering process. The most explosive vegetative growth occurs the first two weeks of flowering, and when properly anticipated and planned for, that burst of energy can be channeled into an ideal flowering canopy.

Sunlight Green Systems names C.J. Furtado Senior Advisor

DENVER, March 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical Cannabis grow leader Ben Burkhardt announced today after the recent launch of Sunlight Green Systems (SGS), industry grow veteran C.J. Furtado will be joining the company as a senior-level advisor assisting with consulting services for commercial marijuana cultivation facilities in states with legal cannabis operations.

Part 1, an overview, Canopy Management for Maximum Output in a Cannabis Garden

For purposes of practical management, I have always considered the canopy in cannabis grow facility to be essentially one giant, living, breathing entity. While each plant is independent of the other, the interplay between the individual plants has a considerable effect on the result of the group. Additionally, in large part, plants that within the same indoor room or greenhouse space also share the same environment, perhaps similar lighting, nutrient regiment, pest treatments, and grow medium.