SGS provides a full suite of cannabis business application and management services, which includes the support and expertise of leading experts in cultivation operations, application submission, dispensary operations, legal, marketing, medical physicians, non-profits, and advocacy groups.

At the forefront of the cannabis industry, SGS has one of the most proven and defensible records of successful cultivation operations/management, application drafting and submission, and dispensary operations/management.

Additionally, the operational expertise, knowledge, and merit, provide an extremely sound foundation for building a local team for application submission. As the group and its members continue to spread their influence throughout the legally operating states in the country, they expand their knowledge base, practical experience, and most importantly, their value as an operational partner on an application under strict scrutiny.

With nearly 20 years of experience in commercial Cannabis cultivation, the SGS team has the expertise to increase yield, lower product costs and increase profitability to help your crop and your business grow.

SGS Cultivation Systems

SGS will help integrate regulatory compliance protocols for a solid cultivation model. We will help maximize your yield, lower product costs and increases profitability. And we will develop efficient management systems for maximized workflow. These areas of our expertise will help maximize your crop:

  • Product processing (infusion, oils, buds, age groups, diseases)
  • Seeds and genetics
  • Strain selection
  • Soil selection and nutrient amending
  • Irrigation systems
  • Vegetative Stock requirements
  • Perpetual harvest and workflow
  • Environmental controls
  • Integrated (organic) pest management
  • Closed-loop soil recycling and composting

With two decades of large scale commercial cultivation experience, SGS can help you grow into a highly profitable commercial (organic) cultivation business. We provide ongoing support with data analysis and growth objectives to adapt and thrive, never ignoring the constant changes in state and federal laws.

Contact SGS today for a free evaluation of services by e-mail or call us at 844-747-9783.

From start-up to fully functioning, we have the ability to “on board” and immediately begin to enhance your existing systems of operations. Our services include:

  • Cultivation strategy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Real estate siting
  • Production consulting
  • Inventory tracking
  • Financial Services (partnerships, acquisitions, private funding)
  • Construction (build-out)
  • Turn-key staffing (agronomists, botanists, harvesters)
  • Security (indoor, outdoor, transportation, banking)
  • Employee safety (OSHA)
  • Capital equipment analysis
  • Facility design
  • Staff recruitment
  • Employee training
  • Dispensary plans (site locating, build-out, security, training, cashiering)